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SIS (NW) LTD Security & Monitoring

When your business is under threat, you can’t afford to wait. Our monitoring system is designed to alert us as fast as possible so we can start coordinating a response. This means that your business has the best chance of being protected by the law before any damage is done.

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24/7 security system monitoring

At SIS (NW) LTD, we know there’s not a second to lose when your business is threatened. We constantly monitor the performance of your system so you’re free to concentrate on your business, while we concentrate on the business of protecting it.

SIS (NW) LTD provides 24/7 monitoring for businesses of all sizes, industries and locations with an emphasis on security and business continuity. Whether it’s a security breach, equipment failure or power outage, our presence ensures you and your data, assets and people remain secure.

With a 24/7 monitoring centre and an automatic alarm response, you can be sure your business is protected.

Call us on 0845 890 1515 or book a free security consultation for further information regarding how we can help you keep your business safe.

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